Meeting Needs: Yours and The Business

The old models for doing training just don't apply to today's challenges. Bringing trainees together for off-site meetings and having them listen to somebody lecture or flip through PowerPoint slides and expecting them to create new business realities or improve performance is not meeting their needs for development and certainly does not meet the organization's need for responsive, highly skilled, well-trained employees. What is needed is something more practical and business relevant.

Workshop360 classroom sessions differ from other training in that it contains: 1) emphasis on the practice and application of the skills to be trained and does not include information for information sake, nice to know but irrelevant points, or include lengthy lectures that demonstrate what the facilitator knows, but do little in improving employee performance 2) tailored and organizationally relevant skill development based on the Pre-Workshop results and not an "out of the box" training solution designed to fit multiple clients or industries 3) is immediately able to be applied and used back on the job. Examples used in training are industry, company, function, and job-task specific. No need for trainees to try to understand how to apply examples used from other industries or business scenarios; the training includes THEIR real business scenarios and is immediately transferrable on the job

Put Into Practice

Preparatory work helps ensure efficient use of participant time prior to and during classroom sessions.